• 431 Forged Stainless Steel valve chest
  • Centralized pedestal to ensure motor-pump alignment
  • Solid Alumina Ceramic Plungers
  • Hardened alloy steel crankshaft machined from forged billet
  • Heavy duty roller bearings fully support the crankshaft
  • Cast iron crankcase
  • Forged connecting rods with low friction phosphor bronze bearings
  • Direct & positive oil lubrication to all moving parts (oil pump)
  • Precision ground and hardened helical reduction gears
  • Self adjusting high pressure seals
  • Quick and easy maintenance access to critical parts (seals, springs, valves, plungers)
  • Solenoid operated, Electro-mechanical unloading valve controls emulsion flow
  • Safety relief valve
  • Digital Pressure & temperature sensors
  • Analogue Pressure & Oil level gauges

Please send any pump or system enquiries to sales@psstech.co.uk

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