Bearings, Bushings & Multi-Metals

PSS Technologies can offer ‘made to print’ or ‘standard stocked’ bronze bearings and bushings in a variety of bronze (Copper-Tin) alloys to many European Specifications, including leaded bronze, phosphor bronze, aluminium bronze. A range of specialist ‘self-lubricating’ graphite plugged bushings are also available in both standard and custom machined sizes.

All bronze materials are fully certified and traceable to international standards.

All components can be machined on request or held in stock as call of items, and thanks to our trusted network of material suppliers, we can always guarantee material availability.

In addition to stocked bearings and bushings, PSS Technologies can also offer a range of multi-metals in a broad range of sections including plate, sheet, strip, bar and tube:

  • Austenitic Stainless Steels – 303S31 (1.4305), 304S31 (EN1.4301/6), 304S11 (EN1.4307),316S31 (EN1.4401), 316S11 (EN1.4404), 320S31 (EN1.4571), 316S13 (EN1.4435)
  • Ferritic Stainless Steels (400 Series)
  • Martensitic Stainless Steels – 410S21 (EN1.4006), 416S21 (EN.4005) 431S29 (EN1.4507) 
  • Duplex Stainless Steels – UNS Range, 2507)
  • Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steels – Martensitic 630 series, 17-4 PH (UNS-S17400)
  • Aluminium (BS1470 and BS1474)
  • Black, bright and mild steels
  • Copper (C101 and C106)
  • Brass Alloys – BS2874 CZ121, BS2870 CZ108, BS2875 CZ108, BS2873 CZ108, BS2871 CZ126
  • Bronze Alloys – PB1 (CC481K), PB2 (CC483K), LG2 (CC491K), PB102 (CW481K), PB102 (CW451K), SAE660
  • Cast Iron (BS1452)
  • Spun Cast

For any enquiries related to bushing, bearings or stocked metals, please contact

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