Kiln Furniture

Our kiln furniture and setter plates are used to arrange and stabilize blanks during the sintering process. Ceramic materials provide the right foundation for uniform firing and thus deliver excellent product qualities.

The high mechanical stability of ceramic in combination with the excellent temperature resistance enables the development of thin, lightweight and space-saving kiln furniture. The low volume of the firing support and the excellent thermal conductivity helps to improve kiln energy efficiency, with uniform distribution through the sintered component. Rapid heating and cooling as well as high operating temperatures are no issue when using ceramic kiln furniture.

Another advantage of ceramic kiln furniture and sinter plates/setter plates is the custom made surface finish. Optimum sliding of molded parts as well as protection against contamination from the firing plate is guaranteed due to the inert characteristics of ceramics. No reactions with metals take place, and due to the absence of releasing agents and protective layers, the sintered bases are especially durable and require no reprocessing.

We can supply ceramic kiln furniture that are tailor made to your kiln, according to your exact requirement.

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