High-Pressure Technologies

High Pressure Reciprocating Plunger Pump

PSS is one of the leading pioneers in the field of high pressure technology, specifically in the field of high-pressure reciprocating plunger pumps. We are a small, family owned business with over 40 years experience in the design, development and application of plunger pumps in both mining and industrial sectors.

Founded in 2014 following close collaboration with our overseas partner, PSS was setup as a consultancy firm who’s primary goal was to design and develop a new and innovative range of hydraulic pump stations for the Asian coal mining sector. The design criteria focused on improving system performance whilst providing quicker and easier access for the inspection of critical pump components during periods of planned or unplanned maintenance, with a view to minimizing system downtime.

The first pilot pump system was installed underground in a Chinese mine back in 2015. This was a four pump system and each pump was rated at 630 LPM, operating at 375 Bar pressure. The trial was a success and as a consequence, the mine ordered a second identical system. Following this installation, several complete pump systems have been purchased by Top-Tier mining companies in China including Dartong and Shendong. From 2014 to the end of 2018, there were approximately 35 systems installed in Asia and we have seen continued growth and success in recent years.

PSS pump systems are designed and developed by time served and fully qualified hydraulics engineers in the UK, using critical components sourced from reputable European suppliers. The manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of our pump systems is carried out at our partner’s facility in China. This allows us to offer high quality and high performance pump systems at competitive market prices, whilst conforming to the most stringent system requirements demanded by the world’s leading coal mines.

PSS designed pump systems are now well established in the Asian coal mining sector, and in recent years we have invested a lot of time in to understanding how our high pressure pump technologies can be adapted and utilized within more sustainable industries. In 2019, we made a collaborative effort with our overseas partner to design and develop a mobile, self contained water jetting machine suitable for industrial cleaning processes, specifically targeting drain jetting and surface cleaning applications. Within the world of industrial water jetting, no application is the same, and customer demands are both many and varied – with each application requiring different flow and pressure ratings as well as a multitude of different pump cleaning accessories. The water jetting machines we have designed provide an excellent foundation for system development and allow our units to be adapted to meet specific customer demands.

In addition to offering design and consultancy services for high pressure pumps and systems, PSS also acts as a single source for all kinds of hydraulic components you would expect to find on a high-pressure hydraulic pump system. From crankshafts, to plungers, oil pumps, springs and sealing solutions – we only source our components from reputable and trusted European supply partners. To explore our full range of hydraulic components, please visit the drop down menu on the ‘ Products’ tab.

High Temperature Materials & Technologies

Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC) Fixture for Heat Treatment Applications

In addition to plunger pumps and hydraulic components, PSS Technologies also specialises in the design and supply of high temperature materials for casting, heat treatment and other thermal applications. Example materials include high performance ceramics such as alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride and silicon carbide as well as graphite, carbon fibre composites (CFC), molybdenum and high temperature steels.

PSS Technologies excel in the design and development of furnace fixturing for heat treatment applications. We regularly supply CFC fixtures for vacuum furnaces and vacuum applications, as well as high temperature steel fixtures for non-vacuum processes such as carburising, nitriding and nitro-carburising.

Our in-house materials engineers have a wealth of experience when it comes to selecting the most suitable materials for your high temperature process. Whether you are looking for a partner to supply ‘make to print’ parts in small or large batch quantities, or require a complete turn-key project with extensive component or fixture design, we are here to support your requirements and can offer an affordable working solution to meet the demands of your application.

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