Van Pack Drain Jetting

Introducing the I275-60 Series Van Pack Drain Jetter

The I275-60 series Van Pack Drain Jetting unit is a powerful yet compact jetting system which fits neatly in to the latest range of mid-sized panel vans. The unit delivers up to 275 Bar (4000psi) pressure at 60 LPM (13.2 GPM), providing a powerful and cost effective drain cleaning performance for drains of up to 300mm diameter.

Product Specification

  • Pressure and Flow: Up to 275 bar / 60 liters per minute (4000psi / 13.2 gpm)
  • Pump: P36-3 Triplex plunger pump (floating plungers)
  • Engine: 36kW Perkins Turbocharged EU Stage V engine, low emissions, water cooled
  • Water Tank: Single – 400 liters (90 gallons)
  • Filtration: High capacity filter housing with 80 micron element
  • Frame: Shot blasted and powder coated steel with forklift pockets and lifting points
  • Hose Reel: Variable speed hydraulic-rewind hose reel with 90m high pressure hose capacity
  • Radio Remote: RCU allows the unit to be operated by a single operative. The remote operates at a distance of up to 90m
  • Dimensions: 1500mm long x 1250mm wide x 1160mm height (approximate)
  • Weight: 500kg (approximate)
  • Safety Relief: 1 x hydraulically operated diverter valve, 1x mechanical unloading valve with by-pass, 1 x pressure transducer (cuts off power engine in the event of an overpressure condition)
  • Suggested Accessories: 1/2″ jetting hose (90m), 3 x 1/2″ drain jets (3r, 3r1f,& 6r), 1/2″ safety leader hose (3m), 1/2″ drain extension (9″)
P36-3 Triplex Reciprocating Plunger Pump

For any enquiries relating to the I275-60 van pack drain jetting unit, please contact

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