Solenoid Operated Unloading Valves

Electro-mechanical Unloading Valves

Our in-house designed, electro-mechanical unloading valves are solenoid operated from a plc control system. The primary function of the unloading valve is to pre-set and control the pump or system pressure in line with the desired working pressure by unloading any excess pressure build up. When pressure demand is not required downstream, the unloading valve will re-direct fluid back to source (i.e. a tank). Our unloading valves are installed on all PSS designed plunger pump systems and they offer a reliable solution for unloading pressurised fluid to roof supports in Longwall coal mining applications.

The high pressure – high volume valve is capable of unloading within a pressure range of 1.4 MPa (14 Bar) to 41.4 MPa (414 Bar), and at flow rates in excess of 630 litres/min. whilst maintaining a smooth operation, quick response time and minimum overshoot of system pressure.

The valve is of a single cartridge type construction within the valve body, and the design enables complete renovation of the valve assembly by simply replacing the internal cartridge.

If you have an application in mind that may benefit from an electro-mechanical, solenoid operated unloading valve, please contact and we would be happy to support.

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