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Market leading supplier of high pressure plunger pumps, hydraulic components and total pump system solutions for industrial applications

Longwall Mining – Emulsion Pump Systems for Powered Roof Supports

Emulsion Plunger Pump E5-630/37.5 (Rated at 630 LPM & 375 Bar Pressure)

PSS Technologies have over 40 years experience in the design and supply of fully automated, high pressure emulsion pump systems for provision of hydraulic fluid power to critical roof supports in Longwall coal mining applications.

As a result of our continued research and development initiatives, we are now able to supply mines with 3, 5 and 7-plunger pumps with a maximum flow rate of 1250LPM at a rated pressure of 400 Bar. This ensures that we are well equipped to meet the flow and pressure demands of the world’s leading and most productive coal mines.

Longwall Mining – Water Spray Pump Systems for Coal Dust Suppression

The importance of safety and maintaining the well being of coal miners in the workplace cannot be overstated, and when it comes to coal dust inhalation, prevention is certainly better than cure. Dust suppression at the coal face is an essential health and safety requirement and is vital in preventing long-term, life threatening conditions to miners, such as lung disease. Not only is coal dust a known carcinogen, it can also pose a serious risk of combustion when mixed with gas. Premature failure of critical machinery underground is also associated with exposure to a significant build up of coal dust.

Our high flow, low pressure water systems provide the perfect solution to reduce air-borne coal dust by supplying clear spray water to the shearer, the coal plow and to drive motor cooling systems.

Industrial Water Jetting – Drain Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Most traditional cleaning methods are bad for the environment as they often incorporate toxic chemicals or use thermal processes that generate noxious fumes as a by-product. Cleaning with pure water is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable process. The use of water as an effective cleaning tool continues to be the ‘go to’ method for most industrial cleaning applications, and when applied as a high pressure jet, there are few contaminants that cannot be removed.

PSS Technologies specialize in the design and supply of mobile, self-contained industrial water jetting machine suitable for drain cleaning and surface preparation applications.

Advanced Ceramic Materials

PSS specializes in the field of high performing, advanced ceramic materials and can assist in selecting a material with optimum physical and chemical properties to meet the demands of your application. We supply a broad range of high quality oxide and non-oxide ceramics, which offer the perfect solution in applications whereby precision engineered components are required with excellent mechanical and thermal resilience. PSS can also supply components manufactured in quartz glass material. With its outstanding properties, quartz glass is ideal for optical and high-purity applications under extreme mechanical, chemical and thermal conditions. From working on an initial prototype component, through to serial production of the most complex of engineered ceramics, PSS will be able to support your demands at each step, and can offer an extensive product and material portfolio.

High Temperature Materials

PSS Technologies are an experienced materials engineering company specialising in the supply of high temperature materials for the thermal processing industries.

The products that we supply include:

  • Extruded and Isotropic Graphite Parts (EDM electrodes, molds, fixtures, vacuum furnace parts)
  • Rigidised felt board (vacuum furnace linings)
  • Carbon fiber composite (CFC) materials (vacuum furnace linings, brazing plates)
  • Custom design Carbon fiber composite (CFC) fixtures (vacuum furnace fixtures)
  • Custom design Inconel (Ni-Cr) & Stainless Steel Fixtures
  • Graphite felt
  • Graphite foil
  • Molybdenum products (fasteners, hearth rails, heating elements)
  • Ceramics (Insulator tubes for vacuum furnaces)

Our time served and experienced materials engineers will be able to select the most suitable component design and high temperature material for your application.

We offer all carbon fiber composite (CFC) fixture designs up front, free of charge and without obligation to our customers.

For anyone considering switching to CFC fixtures from traditional steel fixtures, we can guarantee that the fixtures will greatly improve production processes by reducing operating costs, and improving overall productivity.