Components for Valves & Fittings

We can develop the best products and solutions to meet the demands of your application, using a variety of materials, sizes and geometries. Our components are designed to help your products and systems to operate with low maintenance and maximum up-time.

Our materials have a lot to offer:

  • Wear resistance: The high hardness of ceramics result in high resistance to sliding and impact wear.
  • Chemical resistance: Ceramics are resistant to a wide range of media.
  • Temperature resistance: Max. operating temperature of up to 1,700°C.
  • Dimensional stability: Very stable components due to the low thermal expansion. This property also avoids distortion of the components during operation.
  • Tribology (friction / wear): Ceramic is a material with very good coefficients of friction.

For any enquiries relating to ceramic valves & fittings, please contact

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