Crankshaft for a 5-plunger reciprocating pump

PSS Technologies supplies crankshafts that are machined from forged stock material. This allows for a more uniform crankshaft grain structure and significantly improved strength. This cross-sectional photo shows how the ‘flow’ of the grain structure follows the profile shape of the finished machined crankshaft.

The homogenous grain structure found in a forged crankshaft significantly reduces the likelihood of cracking by improving the strength of the material at potential stress points (e.g. in undercuts)

PSS Technologies supply industrial crankshafts machined from solid steel billet, cast or forged material (free issued or supplied by us) using the very latest multi axis CNC machines. All our products are manufactured to the highest customer requirements.

In collaboration with our supply partners, we can also supply closed-die forging (in black, rough or finish-machined condition) up to 350Kg in weight.

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