Emulsion Systems (Powered Roof Supports)

Longwall mining has been developed as highly efficient and productive method of underground coal mining. This technique typically adopts a series of shearers to remove coal from the seam, whilst simultaneously supporting the roof of the mine using multiple hydraulic powered roof support which advance and retract automatically as the shearer progresses along the coal face.

As the shearer passes each set of roof supports along the face, the roof supports are lowered and advance forwards, allowing the roof to collapse behind it. The roof support is then lifted to support the roof directly above the shearers next pass along the coal face. For this reason, the roof support system plays a critical operating role in Longwall mining, ensuring the safety of miners working on the machinery as well as influencing the overall coal yield from the face. The efficiency of the roof support system directly influences the mines productivity and down-time must be kept to a minimum.

The roof support system cannot operate without a power source, and this power is provided by a series of fully automated hydraulic pumps, which deliver extremely high-pressure fluid (emulsion) to each support along the coal face. To compliment the hydraulic pumps, each system is supplied complete with fully automated controls, emulsion storage tanks, delivery and return line filters, accumulators, and high-quality hose assemblies to ensure the consistent supply of clean emulsion for actuation of the roof supports.

Available Pump Duties for Water Spray Systems

  • 500 LPM @ 160 Bar Pressure (3 plunger pump)
  • 520 LPM @ 160 Bar Pressure (5 plunger pump)
  • 630 LPM @ 160 Bar Pressure (5 plunger pump)
  • 850 LPM @ 160 Bar Pressure (5 plunger pump)
  • 1000 LPM @ 160 Bar Pressure (5 plunger pump)

For any enquiries related to plunger pumps or complete hydraulic pump stations for powered roof support applications, please contact cnewton@pumpsystemspecialist.com

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